The American Of The Korean War

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For many people, especially the younger ones, the history of the No 1 Battalion Colombia and its involvement in the Korean War is unknown. Many countries do not even know that Colombia took important part in the Korean War. It remains part of the United Nations history. According to General Valencia Tovar, the Korean experience marked a hard and violent lesson learn to teach us how to fight, changing in a short time a completely Colombian operational design scheme to make the Armed Forces more professional and efficient. Their learned lessons from the Korean War serve as the foundation for the new operational design. Once the Colombian Battalion returned home, the experienced warriors were immerse in counter guerrilla operations because Colombia was under the communist guerrilla violence; this problem was spreading through the country. Only the protagonists, the Korean Veterans remember exactly that on July 27, 1953, when the United Nations and the North Korean part sigh the armistice that would end the Korean War, they understood that it was the key to go back home. A year after the No 1 Colombian Battalion began the demobilization of the contingent of warriors who fought in the largest military battle between communist and democratic powers. It was a great match after World War II. In this remote corner of Asia to more than 10,000 kilometers from their home, many soldiers from different nations gave their lives in order to guarantee the freedom for the South

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