North Korean War Essay

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The third source that I decided to use was an English newspaper. The headline from the article was the first thing that stood out, suggesting that Trump might bomb North Korea next. The article barely covers the event, instead, it covers Eric Trump's comments and the possibility that North Korea can be next. The newspapers instigates that the United States might use military action against North Korea though including Eric Trump's statement hinting that his father is not afraid to make "North on the hit list if Kim Jong-Un carries on developing atomic weapons" (Daily Mirror, April 14, 2017). The newspaper just adds more fuel to the existing tension between the United States and North Korea with such a provocative statement. …show more content…

The last article comes from a news agency from the United States, called the Arizona Daily Star. As mention earlier, the only two articles the reported the death of the US soldier just a week before the bombing in Afghanistan were the Toronto Star and the Arizona Daily Star. The article published by the Arizona Daily Star tries to grab on the emotions of Americans back home by mentioning the death of the soldier and giving a specific description stating, "a U.S. Army Special Forces soldier, Staff Sgt. Mark R. De Alencar, 37, of Edgewood, Maryland was killed in action in Nangarhar" (Arizona Daily Star, April 14, 2017). The soldier killed touches all of us back home and just makes us think the dangers that American soldier put themselves through. The article mentioned that there have been "heavy fighting" in the area between the Afghan military and IS fighters (Arizona Daily Star, April 14, 2017). I feel the article gave details of the prior fighting because it serves as a good reason to justify why the bombing was necessary. It gives the impression that more American and Afghan lives were saved by avoiding going in directly and engaging Islamic State militants in the area where there is an "estimate of 600 to 800 IS fighters"(Arizona Daily Star, April 14, 2017). The articles goes to support the decision of the bombing by

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