The American Revolution And American History Essay

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The American Revolution was an important moment in American history. The revolution shed new light on how people could live and how a nation could be governed. Looking back, one might think that the British saw the American colonists as a group of people easy to conquer. In the time period of the American Revolution, women were seen more as property rather than active participants in war, but women played a large part in the war. In the end, the American Revolution transformed the United States from a collection of agrarian colonies into a self-sustaining country. The American Revolution was the war that decided the United States’ independence. The war between the United Stated and Britain lasted 8 years, 1775-1783, but the tension between these two formed long before the war began. The tension between the two countries escalated when King George III began to tax the American colonies. The Stamp Act, The Townshend Tariffs, and the Tea Act, all increased the tension between Great Britain and the United States. Violence between the two sides escalated quickly when British soldiers fired upon a mob in Boston. This slaughter later became known as the Boston Massacre. Later, in 1773, British Parliament became even more outraged with the colonials after the event known as the Boston Tea Party and created the Coercive Acts, making clear that the British were the authority. In 1775 the Continental Congress met in Philadelphia and declared independence from Great Britain thereby
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