The American Revolution And The Revolution

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The American Revolution, think you know everything about? You don’t, as much as the soldiers that fought had a lot of courage, it was the members of the Culper spy Ring that had the most to do with the victory the Americans had over the British, in the American Revolution. It was ordinary citizens that saved the revolution and don’t get credit for it. Espionage, intelligence was the key to winning the revolution. With the help of spies, invisible ink, misinformation, codes, ordinary citizens, including women, and lots of courage the members of the Culper Spy Ring saved the revolution and helped the founding of America.
George Washington, the man that couldn’t tell a lie, was the American Revolution’s spymaster. Washington was able to bend
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George Washington asked, James Jay, the brother of John Jay, was learning chemistry in England, who had created a chemical solution out of tannic acid to be used as an invisible ink, it was unknown to most. An advantage because it would 've been unknown to the British officers if the contrecepted some correspondence. It was difficult to make and George Washington himself instructed his agents in the use of what was referred to as the "sympathetic stain," noting that the ink "will not only render. . .communications less exposed to detection, but relieve the fears of such persons as may be entrusted in its conveyance." Washington recommended the spies to use the ink, "on the blank leaves of a pamphlet. . . a common pocket book, or on the blank leaves at each end of registers, almanacks, or any publication or book of small value.” Another, more common way to use invisible ink in letter, was to write between the lines and the receiver would use heat in order to read the letter, but with the new ink you would need another chemical solution to see the message.
While Washington is known for his honesty, he was okay with spreading misinformation, when it came to fighting the revolution. He told the members of the Culper Ring to exaggerate the fire power and size of American forces, in their conversations with the loyalists of New York. Washington would get his hands dirty too,
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