The American Revolution Revolutionary Revolution

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At its fundamental core the American Revolution was fought over liberty and freedom. It was a movement marked by action which upset the political order of the eighteenth century. However, if all the American Revolution achieved was breaking the yoke of empirical control its lasting importance would have been lost amongst the scores of colonial revolutions that came before it, such as the Dutch’s break from the Spanish or the Corsicans overthrow of the Genoese. Influenced by the period of enlightenment, the American Revolution was also a revolution of thought which sent rapid waves of change through the social and cultural spheres of the time. In the decades that predated the American Revolution, many nations looked to England as a model. It was believed that England possessed the ideal political system due to its balanced constitution and more importantly its strong sense of liberty. However, after the revolution concluded, nations began to look to newly formed America and the radically evolved ideals its political and social systems were built upon. This is what made the American Revolution revolutionary because it forever altered the meaning of liberty and equality.
Before continuing it is of vast importance to qualify the timeframe The American Revolution in reference to this paper. The War of Independence officially began on April 19, 1775 when shots were exchanged between British troops and the local militia in Lexington, Massachusetts. Six years later, in October

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