The Anatomy Of The Cerebral Cortex

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The cerebral cortex is a vital component of the brain, and is responsible for bodily functions that would be difficult to live without. To have a more suitable expertise of the cerebral cortex scientist divided the brain into for lobes contingent to the purpose of what each lobe is responsible for. Each lobe of the cerebral cortex plays an essential role in humans every day life. If one of the lobes were absent being successful at the University of Oklahoma would be difficult if not unviable. The cerebral cortex has numerous functions, each being unique to how it affects the human body. Scientist categorized the cerebral cortex into four different lobes depending on their purpose to improve our understanding and assist our research of the cerebral cortex. The four lobes of the cerebral cortex are the Frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal lobes. The frontal lobe, located at the front of the brain close to our foreheads, is in charge of more intricate and complex work of the brain. It manages jobs such as contemplating, making decisions, and planning, but the frontal lobe is also in charge of emotions and communication proficiency. The frontal lobe is an important component of the cerebral cortex and is associated in most every day life experiences. Whether it be deciding on an outfit for the day, or having a conversation with a friend. The parietal lobe transfers our senses like contact, temperature, and aroma into things the body can feel and comprehend. If
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