The Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

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Since the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics in 3100 BC[3], writing has been a part of human expression. Initially, writing was used for recording the stories, myths, and histories of nations that were once mighty world powers. But as time wore on and literacy increased to the point that scholars weren’t the only people that could relay messages, writing began to morph into a form of expression. The written word became not only the best way of recording the linear timeline of what happened when, but also the more abstract social and cultural aspects of everyday people living their everyday lives. History became the ideologies, fears, and political aggravations recorded in the books of the people, regardless of the genre. And as times…show more content…
47 Rothman)[5]. Rothman discovered that when the rate of discussion was slowed down, students that wouldn’t normally speak in class would have time to gather their thoughts so that they could accurately contribute to the discussion. If a true democracy is to be had, this inclusion is crucial, but extremely difficult without the help of writing. One author by the name of Eduardo Galeano writes about this concept of inclusion through writing in his book Open Veins of Latin America. He makes the argument that the reason authors write is to make sure that underrepresented voices are heard. In his words, “One writes, in reality, for the people whose luck or misfortune one identifies with - the hungry, the sleepless, the rebels, and the wretched of this earth - and the majority of them are illiterate. (p.12 Galeano)[3]. It is authors like Galeano describes, that increase the amount of inclusion in the democracy of life. In discussing why he writes, Galeano simultaneously raises awareness about the plight of the downtrodden.
Consequently, and possibly accidentally, Galeano’s attempts to include the downtrodden in his books also had the effect of raising awareness for their plight. Though he was one of the pioneering writers for change, many other authors have used their writing prowess to raise awareness. One of these authors was a
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