The And Mission Of Purposed Bachelor Of Arts Program

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1.) Introduction A.) Context and mission of purposed Bachelor of Arts program Currently, Portland State University provides students the opportunity to declare a minor in Indigenous Nations Studies, a specialty field of emphasis during their undergraduate education. The department’s mission at present “aims to provide the best possible educational experiences for our students through excellence in teaching, research, creative activity and service to the state, tribes and society’s.” What began in 2004 gradually developed into an expansion of educational opportunities, the Native American Studies program and Native American Student and Community Center became an extensive part of the indigenous community in and around Portland, offering…show more content…
An expanded history and understanding of events that led to the present viability of indigenous in North and South America will become accessible with the approval of such a program. The information above presents progression towards further development pertaining to Indigenous Nations Studies at Portland State University. Occurring in the last academic year, 2014, the Native American Studies program modified its name to Indigenous Nations Studies. Bearing in mind the present focal points of the said program, and revision in department title no longer provides prospective students with the full intentions of the field of study they plan to enter into. A hemispheric perspective would offer students the chance to actively support decolonization efforts through insurgent research, Indigenous pedagogy, broad and thorough interdisciplinary study of intractable problems that serve as obstacles in decolonization for the native community. Thus, a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Nations Studies, would effectively provide students the opportunity to form progressive notions and skills essential in daily practice of a ethnic studies, preparing those involved with the ability to transcend
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