The And Of African Americans

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To break this question down it 's simply asking " How can something you believe in or know change your perspective plan ideas or intentions that we have?" To what extent mean the limit of something. A concept is a general notion plan idea or intention; conception. An idea of something formed by mentally combining all its characteristics or particulars; a construct. And finally shaping our conclusions means change how we see things. The knowledge question would be "how badly does what we already know change how we see the world. I agree that what we already know and have general ideas of can change how we see things. Like with the AOK history. The concept of history can change the way Caucasians or African Americans view slavery. White people may view slavery as a good thing or a bad thing and view black people as equals or not. They may feel horrible about what their people has done to African Americans in the past and become sympathetic to them.White people may feel guilty. African Americans may not be as understanding to white people. White people were responsible for slavery.Slavery was cruel and brutal. It broke up families, limited life choice and resulted in the death of many African Americans. They were dehumanized by Caucasians which is something that black people still suffer from today. Things like police brutality and white privilege plays a huge part in this. Majority of white police officers use excessive and/or unnecessary force when dealing with African
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