The And The Hotel Front Entrance

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he party was more intense than I thought it would be considering I’m not famous. Niall had rented out one of the nicest hotels in New York City. I would have been fine with a little gathering consisting of ten people, but he insisted that we go all out. There were already at least a few hundred people there by the time I arrived with Cate by my side. The guys insisted we come together. There were around 20 photographers surrounding the limo and the hotel front entrance. I could hear the screaming of some young girls from farther away, and I could hear the voices of some news reporters standing just outside. I didn’t understand why there was such a huge deal over my birthday. “How does it feel to finally have friends?” Cate smirked as I looked over at her. “Ow, my feelings, you bitch,” I pretended to act upset, pulling at my hair randomly to make sure it was perfect. “It’s just because literally every other famous person is here,” I shrugged. I knew I was only photographed a lot because of my friendships and relationship with her and One Direction and several other very famous people. “Yeah, but they’re here for you,” she encouraged. “They’re here because Niall invited them,” I laughed, grabbing my purse and sitting up straighter. “They’re your friends, Shayna,” she insisted. I shrugged. “Dude, if we weren’t living together and you weren’t the most famous singer in the world they wouldn’t be my friends,” I laughed. This was a fact and I tried to not let it bother me. People

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