The Approaches Of Various Architects And Urban Planners Towards The City

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Humanity has always been dictated by its cities, these congregations of people seemingly organically creating the systems for how we live. However towards the end of the 19th century a new monolith started to plague skylines across the developed world, changing the shape of cities forever. Skyscrapers were indicative of a turning point in western civilisation, what was originally planned to be a great leveller of society, allowing for cheaper land prices in city areas, soon became a vestige of the rich and powerful. I suggest that despite the evident need for this element of verticality, and its success’ for select groups of society changes will need to be made to our attitudes towards it within city planning if growth is to be fair, …show more content…

These ‘alternative modes of living’ are what have propelled development at an alarming and ever increasing rate, through the discovery of organised agricultural methods during the Neolithic Revolution ( to the implementation of the internet on a global scale, organically these solutions present themselves within the hive mind of the city. While it’s impossible to predict how society would have developed without coming together in this way, it is clear that cities are a vital catalyst for change. (
As well as understanding why we need cities, we must also analyse how they have developed in the past if we are to theorise about their futures. However they have always developed in differing ways, each is a product of its time, depending on the economic and social conditions of the period. While this may make it seem more confusing to understand the development of individual cities, it provides a broader explanation of what makes them so successful as a whole, they respond to the needs of the day rather than follow any certain formula. In his work on the culture of cities Robert Mumford suggests that ‘cities are a product of time’ (MUMFORD), something that cannot be rushed, but allowed to naturally

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