The Article ' Subjective Social Status And Positive Indicators Of Well Being Among Emerging Adult College Students

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The article "Subjective Social Status and Positive indicators of Well-Being Among Emerging Adult College Students" by, Dr. Zorotovich, Dr. Johnson, and R. Linn state that social status can affect life satisfaction and overall well-being in college students. Although students from wealthier families perceived themselves and their families as higher than some in social class, the students from wealthier families might also view themselves as privileged in comparison to students from families with less wealth. These students may feel more successful and may feel more capable of achieving their goals. Furthermore, subjective social status and objective social status might both play an equal role in well-being, opposed to only subjective social …show more content…

In addition, life satisfaction has a positive effect on social skills and self-esteem. Alternatively, life satisfaction can negatively lead to substance abuse, drinking and driving, and possible mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. From this study, the results show 's us that the higher level of education of the parents the higher perceived social status.

However, the study showed that parental education had no effect on the student 's life satisfaction, but it did show that perceived family and personal social status did have a positive effect. Furthermore, individual subjective happiness is not affected by the parental education levels, but once again perceived family status did. "Previous research has consistently linked economic resources and human capital to positive and negative health outcomes across their life span" (Zorotovich 630). Dr. Zorotovich et al look at more factors than just that of income level, and how these factors could maximize well-being, and takes into account how social status of a person and their family members can also affect well-being. They found that people and their families perceived social status had a large impact on the individual 's life satisfaction and happiness, but people with a greater perceived social status of themselves and their families had reported greater levels of happiness and life satisfaction.

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