The Artist : An Artist

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When an artist goes to paint a piece, or mold a sculpture there is no preset impression of how the artist interprets it to turn out. They let their creative energy generate the image as it evolves ascetically with the agency of creating art. The artist may not have a vivid account, or clear picture for the final result but the art emerges as the artist conducts his piece leaving the artist with pure, utter creative freedom.When hearing this metaphor its hard not to see the direct correlation to moral choice being relatable to the construction and formulation of art work. “I mention the work of art only by way of comparison.That being understood, does anyone reproach an artist, when he paints a picture, for not following rules established? …show more content…

For oneself that is completely plausible to consider yet, Sartre accounts for judging others based on morality. “ In the second place, people say to us, ‘You are unable to judge others.’ This is true in one sense and false in other”(Sartre.1948,pg 365). What he is referencing is that in order to judge that correlates with experience, and considering morality is dependent upon relevant ethical conflicts that form the bases for ones moral compass. Hence, judging correlates with one choosing in the view of the general public, and in the perception of others one molds the image of oneself. However, he draws the distinction between what he phrases logical judgment,in contrast to self deception or clouded judgment. He notes, that one can judge a man by proclaiming that he is deceiving himself with bases of denial. Considering his whole premise behind morality is structured to function around you are the only ingredient and agent influencing your reality and outcome. A self deceiver he notes can be one who uses excuses for ones reality by hiding in the shadow of ones passions. Then the question arises why should one not live under the interpretation that ignorance is bliss considering that accounts for sustaining happiness, or attaining it. Sartre, would respond “I reply that it is not for me to judge him morally, but I define his self-deception as an error.One cannot avoid pronouncing a

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