The Arts In Schools Research Paper

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Music, art, drama, dance, and anything else classified as an "art." Many of these classes in school are either underrated and unappreciated, or completely skipped over. There are many different reasons that the arts are an importance in school. Such as: promoting the skills kids need to be successful, they influence the children, and it improves the children's schooling in many different ways.

A strong arts education promotes the skills children need to be successful. Along with the many things that the arts can do for children, they promote the skills children need. If children get into this at a young age schooling will ultimately be easier for them as they grow up. Their attitudes will be changed also. With music there is a psychological thing that triggers something in the brain that makes people want more. This helps people of any age get into something so fast. This is why when children are growing if they are put into classes like these they will be a lot better off in school and in life in general. This may just be an opinion, but I believe that arts in education will be beneficial to them over all.

When children take the arts classes it promotes self-directed learning, school attendance improves, and their critical and creative skill improve along with it.
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According to a report in 2005 by the Rand Corporation about the visual arts, "the arts can connect people more deeply to the world and open them to new ways of seeing." If students are comfortable with performing in the arts that could possibly build their confidence level. When people get into things that they like doing they often become motivated, so starting this off at a young age can help a lot. I became motivated to do music when I was in kindergarten. This could be different for everyone, I started off with a family that enjoyed music so becoming motivated was easy in the
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