The Aspects Of Darwin 's Life

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Summarize the aspects of Darwin 's life/personal experiences/beliefs that you believed were most influential to him and explain how. Charles Darwin contributed much of his beliefs to the understanding of science, despite the adversities he had to overcome. Significantly, Charles was motivated intrinsically by his curiosity, since he lived during a time when science strictly clung to the bible. The aspects of differing religious views were most influential in Darwin’s life, personal experiences, and beliefs. Darwin came from an Anglican family who strongly adhered to their religion (Mrs. Weiland 1/6/16). Because of religion, several of Darwin’s challenges included unintentionally contradicting his family and friend’s religious views when attempting to explain his theories. Unfortunately, during his time, his “truly revolutionary ideas” were regarded as “highly unorthodox, jeopardizing the church and the bible” (Darwin 's Dangerous Idea 2002).
Incorporating into his mindset of religion, Darwin grew frustrated when Annie Darwin, Darwin’s daughter who fell ill, passed away. Darwin was so distraught that he would not let himself enter the church, not even for Annie’s funeral. Annie Darwin’s death most likely served as Charles Darwin’s fuel to rebel against the church, allowing him to resume his writings on the natural selection.
Ultimately, Darwin was very much affected by religion as his anxiety surpassed his frustration at the church when preparing to propose his ideas.

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