The Assessment Of Emerging Energy Efficient Industrial Technologies

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There are endless ideas and discussions on what is required of government to insure efficiency both in the long run and short run in terms of protecting the public good on various topics such as research and development, education, pipelines, and climate change. What one must immediately consider is what portion of the public is being protected, and whom do these externalities affect? It is obvious that America is made up of a diverse group of socio-economic levels, beliefs, and political desires. Here, will discuss a few of the possibilities the government must choose from and what externalities, whether positive or negative, are encountered. Research and Development (R&D) is necessary to the creation, development, and commercialization of new technologies and practices. “The assessment of emerging energy-efficient industrial technologies can be useful for identifying research and development projects; identifying potential technologies for market transformation activities; providing common information on technologies to a broad audience of policy-makers; and offering new insights into technology development and energy efficiency potentials” (Research & Development). Let us look at the promotion of energy efficiency, as our society has come to realize is so necessary for the future of a sustainable planet. "A diverse set of institutions, including federal and state governments, universities and utilities fund and implement R&D programs for the purpose of advancing energy

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