The Association For Manufacturing Technology

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The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT), a trade association located in Northern
Virginia was established in 1902. AMT services over 600 member organizations who are engaged in the manufacture and or distribution of manufacturing technology commonly used by industries engaged in the manufacture of primary and fabricated metal products, power generation and industrial machinery, electrical and electronic equipment, transportation equipment including motor vehicles, and medical equipment and supplies among others. “The Association For Manufacturing Technology’s members strive to be the global leaders in innovating, producing, and implementing advanced manufacturing technology solutions. In support of its members, AMT is an active
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Perhaps not unlike many other organizations operating before the widespread use of powerful personal computing platforms and the internet, AMT was slow to move into the realm of business intelligence with analytical rigor.
Around 2009 things started to change dramatically with AMT’s focus on leveraging data and information. At that time the organization hired a new president to lead the industry. He had come to the association from industry and had over 25 years of experience as a top executive leading for profit manufacturing technology companies. His insight was to acknowledge that the organization needed to diversify its revenue streams to help mitigate an unpredictable loss or reduction in the associations long standing primary revenue generator, the biannual International Manufacturing Technology Show or
IMTS. The new revenue generating idea he championed and set in motion at that time centered on business intelligence. Thus, the MTInsight business intelligence platform was introduced. The
MTInsight platform was designed to deliver customized business intelligence that members would pay for above and beyond what was covered by their annual membership dues. In addition, the organization wished to build the internal
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