The Association Of Children From Low Income And Impoverished Communities

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Identify an agency with which you are familiar. Briefly summarize the vision and mission of the agency, the population it serves and how many clients & workers there are in the agency. The association to benefit Children (ABC) is a social service agency in Harlem New York that serves underprivileged and at risk youth and teens. The Agency itself has three major components a daycare center, an after school program and a teen prevention/ retention program. Affecting change in the lives of children from low income and impoverished communities is at the core of ABC’s mission. ABC also works to foster educational importance from infancy to adolescence while providing a safe and caring environment where children could learn and grew. ABC’s…show more content…
As a social worker in the agency/organization, identify a conflict that may have emerged, identify the stakeholders and describe how you would address the conflict. ABC has a history of high enrollment and retention in its teen program at first glance this is a small issue but when placed into context it is a large issue not only for the agency but for the larger community. The primary stakeholders in this issue are the teens, schools, program administration and staff, parents, the local authorities and local businesses because when the youth are not involved in a positive program like ABC they are most likely engaging in risky behavior that will negatively affect all these different people in the community specifically. In order to address this issue I would figure out what is the best mode of communication to reach out to the state holders and communicate the issue and create with other stake holders some alternative initiatives to reengage the teens in the program. Briefly describe a problem that concerns a number of the clients and/or workers in the agency that reflects a broader social/political problem. Describe how you, in collaboration with the clients & workers would design an advocacy plan to address the problem at a legislative level. Include your analysis of the context and your process of strategic planning. During my time at ABC the funding source for its teen program was cut and the stipends which the agency was
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