The Attack Essay

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The Attack by Yasmina Khadra follows the story of Dr. Amin Jaafari, a successful Palestinian surgeon who resides in Israel. He lives with his beloved wife, Sihem, live alone in a beautiful house. Amin and Sihem live happily until an unimaginable event occurs, Sihem is killed in a suicide attack. The police discover that Sihem was not a victim, but the bomber. Amin desperately attempts to understand how his kind, loving wife could possibly carry out such an attack. He sets out on an incredible journey to investigate the secret life Sihem lived outside of their marriage. In the novel, The Attack, Yasmina Khadra illustrates the intense frustration that precedes suicide attacks and the intense physical and physiological results of …show more content…

The commander held Amin for a week so he could experience the same pain, suffering and frustration that the Commander and other extremists feel. As they continue to lose their homeland the desperation as a result of the conflict the deep seated hatred only grows deeper. The aftermath of a suicide attack has both physical and ideological consequences. The physical effects of the bombing are much more apparent. While working in the emergency room in the aftermath of Sihem’s suicide attack, Amin can see firsthand how devastating these attacks can be. In the course of fifteen minutes, the lobby of the emergency room is transformed into a battlefield. No fewer than a hundred wounded people are packed into this space, the majority of them lying on the floor. All the gurney are loaded with broken bodies, many horribly riddles with splinter and shard... The whole hospital echoes with wailing and screaming... (14-15) This tragic scene illuminates how many people can be hurt and killed in suicidal events. The author is trying to show what the terrible consequences of Sihem’s actions were. In another instance, Wissam Jaafari makes those around him suffer physical repercussions
The officer informs me that as a consequence of the suicide operation carried out by Wissam Jaafari against an army checkpoint and in accordance with the instructions he's received from his superiors , we have a half of an hour to evacuate the dwelling
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