The Attack Of The Muslim Americans

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After recent acts of terrorism, Barack Obama hopelessly tried to convince the Muslim American community that recent criticism towards them would stop. Throughout the speech, Obama tried to make the Muslim Americans feel as they were a part of America. In addition, he sent a message to America about the Muslim Americans. These Muslim Americans that Obama addressed are regular Americans striving for a great life. To prove that Muslim Americans are regular Americans, Obama discussed religious ties between Islam and Christianity and brought up the beliefs of some Founding Fathers. This speech was required due to the recent terrorist acts on American soil in San Bernardino and the horrendous attack in Paris. However, this terrorist fear has been present in Americans’ minds since 9/11.
In addition, recent gun control laws have been a center focus for many politicians especially after the shooting in San Bernardino. Obama knew that this was the time to address the prejudice the Muslim Americans face and unite everyone to a single unit. Obama did an excellent job of making himself seem relatable to the Muslim community and relating all Muslims to the non-Muslim Americans.
Obama started his speech to unite all Americans by having himself introduced through a young Muslim girl, Sabah. By doing this, it showed that the Muslim Americans are average people driven by similar goals of other Americans. He brought up Sabah’s family to connect the young Muslim girl to all families that have

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