Essay on The Attack of HPV

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Do you know that over ninety percent of people who are sexually active will have come in contact with HPV at least once in his/her lifetime? Human Papilloma Virus, also known as HPV, is an infectious emerging disease that has become one of the number one causes of cervical cancer in women. With a startling increase in HPV prevalence research has been encouraged to discover more about this virus and how it causes cervical cancer. Fifteen years ago, not many knew what HPV was and there was very little research conducted on the virus. Since such little information was known about it, HPV was not even taught in the Sexual Education class as a sexually transmitted virus. Throughout years of research scientists, doctors, and medical staff…show more content…
Among the 12, 200 new cases of cervical cancer ninety-percent of them are caused or attributed to HPV (ACS). So how does one contract HPV? Both men and women can contract HPV, but according to Division of Molecular Virology, it is more prominent in women vs. men and those who are twenty-four years in age (DMV). It can be passed on between straight and same-sex partners—even when the infected partner has no signs or symptoms. It is most commonly passed on through genital contact, most often during vaginal or anal sex; however, it also can be passed on through oral sex. It is rare but there have also been some studies that show it can be passed on through indirect contact of contaminated objects or surfaces for example: sex toys and underwear. In order to not contract HPV, one would suggest abstinence, practicing safe sex by wearing condoms, and limiting one’s sexual partners. If one does contract HPV he/she needs to be aware of the symptoms in order to get it treated and not pass it on to others; unfortunately, there are no symptoms for HPV. According to the Division of STD prevention, Most HPV-16 infections go away on their own without causing any type of harmful cell abnormality; however, in those who it does not go away it is important to address the problem before it turns into cervical cancer. Since there are no symptoms, women should monitor or check if they have the HPV virus by getting annual pap-smears, or pap-smears after each sexual partner
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