The Attentional Leadership Theory ( Alt )

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The Attentional Leadership Theory (ALT) is defined in Leadership 2050 as “the capacity to influence oneself and others in the pursuit of individual, interpersonal, team, organization, or civic/community objectives; within any Meaningful Life Arena.” (Jackson, 2015, pp. 242-243) It emphasizes the placement of attention to a particular situation in order to exercise influence or leadership. The framework allows for the consideration of 15 dimensions, five internal, five external, and five time-related dimensions toward a particular Meaningful Life Arena. This consideration enables the leader to apply appropriate attention and resources “when, where, and at the time needed” (Jackson, 2015, p. 244) to lead or influence at the individual, interpersonal, team, organization, or community levels.
When I consider my own current leadership attributes in relation to ALT, a look at the five intrapersonal dimensions is revealing. The physical dimension while in general is adequate, it is not strong. There are definitely improvements to be made in the area of physical fitness and sleep. Fortunately, a new wellness program called Virgin Pulse was implemented at Eastern ME Healthcare System (EMHS) that promotes tracking of nutrition, activity, sleep, and other aspects of wellness. My awareness around wellness is greater through the program. In the emotional dimension, my ability to manage stress comes into play. From the SEI EQ Leadership Report, I learned I may have a deficiency

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