The Audio Of The Movie Beauty And The Beast

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I listen to the audio of the movie “Beauty and The Beast.” Having the topic being about sound, this type of movie would be an example, for there are more technical obligations to take care of than those of realistic movies. The movie is about a prince who was curse and turns into a beast, in which a woman has to fall in love with him in order for the curse to be lifted. Throughout this movie, there were many sounds effects including fairy dust sound that represent magic. Additional sound effects include swooshes and roars represent the sound of the beast. Other sound effects would be the thunder and rain, in which represent the darkness. In the beginning scene, the movie introduces Belle, and the village she lived in that’s filled with the sound effect of rooster crowing and birds flapping their wings, in which represents peacefulness accompany by happy singing. From watching Foley video, it shows how the Foley artist used a bundle of plants rubbing against each other to create thunder sound. Another example from the movie includes using a pair of boots to make the sound horses jogging.
Since this is the cartoon version of the movie, it definitely will sound cartoony. For each character in the movie, there are uses of high and low pitch, to which it doesn’t sound realistic. This is through the used of ADR, which is also called Additional Dialogue Recording. This is a process in which the recording of the dialogue by the original actor after the filming process is used to

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