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Tadiwa Njagu Professor Lewis HRM530 8\10\2015 Within any company, managers must be reminded that the focus of a layoff is not on the actual individual being released, but rather on the position itself. The layoff decision is made based on the needs of the company and the position. If the individual is not fulfilling the position or if the position is no longer necessary, the company must make the decision to let the person go. With this perspective, managers can prevent as many negative emotions as possible and it will additionally affect the communication between the manager and employee being laid off. When the employee is reminded of the true purpose of the decision, they will accept the decision more easily than if he or she…show more content…
Thus, the payment schedule would be the following, assuming the employee was laid off August 31 and earned $1500 per week. Sept 15 | $3000 | Sept 30 | $3000 | Oct 15 | $3000 | Oct 31 | $3000 | Nov 15 | $3000 | Nov 30 | $3000 | Dec 15 | $3000 | Included in the benefits package offered to the employee is the option for the single lump-sum, which pays the employee the full amount of their layoff benefits in one lump sum. However, it would not include any relevant cost of living adjustments. The employee would receive it within 30 days of being laid off. Three Ways the Layoff May Affect the Company Even if a layoff is completed successfully and with little resistance, there are possible negative effects in which the decision can have on the company. These include: * Decrease trust among valuable employees * Hidden costs, such as severance packages, may cause the layoff to be ineffective * Workplace morale may decrease Companies are oftentimes hasty to undergo layoffs as they feel they are eliminating their ineffective employees and building an environment full of strong and effective employees. However, this does not guarantee that the valuable employees will remain loyal to the company and it is important that managers do not depend too much on these employees. Layoffs can also decrease trust among the valuable employees as they may worry that they too could be
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