The Baked Potato

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The Baked Potato is a jazz club in Studio City that was opened by Don Randi. Don Randi is a keyboard player, bandleader, and a songwriter. In 1970, Randi opened The Baked Potato and formed his own group, Don Randi and the Quest. In 2010, The Baked Potato was named the best jazz club in Los Angeles magazine. According to the Los Angeles magazine, The Baked Potato has been the “mainstay for session players since 1975.” (1997, pg. 131.) The date of the performance was on November 2, 2015. It was a jam night that anyone could go up and jam with others. However, the show started with the group performance; Jamie Kime was on lead guitar, John Ziegler was on guitar, Chris Roy was on Bass, Doug Webb was on tenor sax, and I did not get the name of the keyboard player and the…show more content…
The instrumentations were two guitars, keyboard, tenor sax, electric bass, and drums. It is an energetic piece. They started together then everyone was having a virtuoso play. Between each solo, the drums would fill in four to eight beats. When they were doing solo, other instruments would only played few chords with syncopated rhythm to support. The only instrument that did not have solo was the bass; he was mainly playing the root and “walking bass” pattern to support the melody. Before the last section, the sax was having solo and it started with steady slow rhythm and it sped up with aggressive rhythm and the whole song ended with everyone playing together. The second song was “the Windjammer” by Grant Green. It started with the drums, then lead guitar, bass, and then keyboard with sax and the second guitar comes in. Sax was the main instrument in this piece; the whole group supported it. I could hear bass more was because this song used more chords and bass was changing the root much faster against the drums’ polyrhythm. It was hard to define the form because everyone was doing improvisation and it was hard to hear the main
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