Walkin' and Swinging: A Jazz Piece Written by Mary Lou Williams and Performed by Andy Kirk

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“Walkin’ and Swingin’”
“Walkin and Swingin” is a piece of jazz performed by Andy Kirk and his band, the Twelve Clouds of Joy, that could be described as light, bouncy, and perhaps easy or even uncluttered. This was written by Mary Lou Williams for Andy Kirk and is a thirty-two bar piece with four choruses. However, the length of the sections is handled differently, with the last chorus section being shortened to six bars after the transitions between different instruments, from the saxophone and brass to the piano (seen from 2:16 to about 2:24). The song overall has a light tone, and has many instruments that contribute, including two alto saxophones, one tenor saxophone, three trumpets, two trombones, a guitar, a piano, a bass, and drums, as observed from the written sheet music. The piece is different from others in multiple ways, perhaps the most noticeable being the piano solo played by Mary Lou Williams, the multiple solos played by members of the brass instrument section, very quick but effective transitions, and the overall swing groove of the music. There is also a walking bass used at the bridge, and a very intriguing trumpet lead of the brass instruments.
The song starts off from 0:00 to 0:12 with a melody begun by the saxophones, and there are riffs apparent played by the brass section behind this melody, followed by a repeating of this section until 0:22 when the brass section of instruments climbs up the scale to a higher key. This section, from 0:22 to 0:29,

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