The Ban Of The Tobacco

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For me tobacco is one of the useful but useless products that are consumed by some class of the human race in general. In the year 2001 the Government of India had announce an intention to lay an embargo on the advertisement of tobacco in the media in general, in-order to prevent luring the younger generation from getting involved in this act and also to arm the government with powers to launch an anti-Tobacco Program. After the declarations made by the government there is a negative uprising against the ban that the government want to lay on the advertisements of the tobacco in general. Some ideal people have seen the decision taken by the government as an impossible decision that can never come into fruition, even to the degree where some prominent media personnel like, Suhel Seth, CEO, Equus Advertising said have to speak against the intention of the government by saying, "The ban does not have teeth. It is a typical knee-jerk reaction by any Government to create some kind of popularity for itself. Even with the health problems that are associated with smoking of some people have made a decision to keep smoking, after the intended ban on the tobacco advertisement ITC Ltd have personally withdrawn from the sponsorships that it’s been offering to the Indian economy. Though the there are some contributions that are offered to the economy by the tobacco companies such as the Industry was a major contributor to the State Exchequer (In the Year

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