The Basic Understandings Of Literacy

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One of the basic understandings of literacy would be, a basic human knowledge or reading and writing. The use of literacy helps us make decisions in our everyday life, from the chores we do at home to the decisions we take while in the workplace. Most of the decisions that we make are based on what we have learned and understand. The majority of people are taught to read, but how many are taught to understand what they are reading? Understanding literacy means a better grasp of knowledge, which could lead to courage and confidence. There will be many topics which we will have a firm grasp on which are known as our strengths. Everyone is different, different individuals will have strengths that others see as weaknesses. But the more knowledge you possess the more you stand out from others which means less competition. Literacy has had an impact on the society that we live in today, to those that came before us. New discoveries were made, which lead to new questions, the teachings were passed on to the next generation which either understood what was occurring or ignored the teachings. For the new generation that understood the subject, a new cycle began, continuing the work and improving on it or sometimes proving it was a lie. In the present many decisions could have been taken due to previous actions. As we continue to learn, we attempt to pass it on to the next generation, so that they may continue to discover and raise new questions. The human has a curious mind.

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