The Battle Of Loosing One 's Dignity

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The battle of loosing one’s dignity. domestic violence in woman is one of the highest crimes rates there are so many forms of domestic violence from sexual, to emotional, to physical abuse every woman ask their self what did I do wrong? why is this happening to me the hurt and pain that comes form being a victim is one that is not easily forgiven even though there are woman who are afraid to get way or don’t know what to do get help. where are the options for these woman is the notice able are they really availed?

there a lot of options for woman that need help getting out of a domestic violence you can call the police or have a restraining order put on the person that will keep him away from you for up 500 to 1000 feet away to be in effect for a year or rest if your life, they have support groups where you can go and talking to other woman who are going threw the same thing you are. the have shelters where you can go and escape the person who is hurting you. the govern mint had put in a lot of laws to try to help, how to do find this help yes they have many options but where do you get the information from, I believe that there should be more awareness for domestic violence, there not people raising money to help these women or any billboards to show what might happen to them when they hurt someone or what if a victim is in a car and sees a sign that say do you feel or our you a Vitim of domestic violence call this number talk to someone just to have options that are

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