The Battle Of New Orleans

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1st Lieutenant Michael Salvo January 20, 2017 2nd Lieutenant Jerry Chen Private Ashton Benn The Battle Of New Orleans The Battle of New Orleans started with the Union wanting the lower part of the Mississippi river. The Union wanted the Mississippi river because it was the only remaining area for the Confederate and it took away their huge port to receive things and trade their southern goods that they grew or made. That would really help the Union. The Battle of Orleans was one of the historic wars between the Southern Confederate army and the Northern Union army. The Union army fought for the end of slavery while the Confederate army was fighting to preserve slavery. Early in the year 1862 the Confederate concentrated their …show more content…

The battle of New Orleans was a short battle. There was many soldiers fighting in this war. The estimated deaths was 2,000 and there was about 18,000 troops total that is a lot of deaths. That is 1/9 of the troops that were fighting during the battle. The battle was a very bloody fight but not the bloodiest of all the battles in the civil war. This river to New Orleans was now open to the rest of the Union army except for the last Confederate fleet that was near by in the river. The Union armada blasted right through the small Confederate fleet, sinking eight ships without losing any of their ships. They used many things in their attack like Springfield rifles and 10 pounder parrott rifle and smoothbore cannon, and other means of war. Confederate General Mansfield Lovell was the Confederate general at the fort. He looked at his tiny force and glaced at the Union army. He realized that resistance was futile. Lovell told Mayor John Monroe, he was threatened by Admiral David Farragut. He was told that if he was to resist the invasion he would bombard the city and inflict severe damages on the innocent casualties. General Mansfield Lovell started pulling out all of his three thousand troops as fast as he could so he could preserve their lives. The Union Troops(yankees) started landing on the bay of New Orleans on April twenty fifth. Although they could not land until they knew for sure that Forts Jackson and

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