The Battle Of The Confederate Flag

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Throughout the years there has been many flags that represent something unique of a nation. Flags that symbolizes our freedom and pride of becoming part of that nation. These flags give us the motivation and strength to fight until the end for the protection of our nation. However, as years went by, many different flags have brought about many controversies that have resulted in the fall and disappearance of them, all except one, the Confederate Flag. The Confederate flag is a well-known historical flag all around the United States and possibly around the world. However, this flag has provoked many controversial situations in the nation due to the way individuals interpret it.
The Confederate flag, also known as the Confederate Battle flag for others, was created during the 1860s when the United States split up into the South and the North. The reason for their split was because the North and the South could not come to terms whether slavery should continue in the United States. This would then create the American Civil War between the Confederates and the Union. Before the war began, the Confederates needed a flag different from the original United States flag. For this reason, “On April 30,” as said by Thomas G. Clemens, a retired history professor at Hagerstown Community College, “the Virginia Convention of 1861 adopted a new state flag modeled on a different Confederate symbol: The Bonnie Blue Flag” (Paragraph 4). This flag was all blue with a really White big star in…
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