The Battle Of The War On Serbia

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On July 28 of 1914, a small spark ignited the greatest conflict man-kind had ever seen. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of the Austrian-Hungarian duel monarchy that led to it. It was an event that changed borders, destroyed countries, and ended the lives of millions of people. On that day, Austria-Hungary officially declared war on Serbia as an act of revenge, though had ambitions to take control of Serbian lands. This small event would have big consequences, not only on the nations involved in the war, but on the people of those nations who had to sacrifice so much. During the period immediately following the declaration of war on Serbia, the quality of a person’s life began to drop very rapidly. Pre-industrial warfare is difficult to endure, but when weapons are so deadly that they have the ability to kill thousands in a day, the new warfare is unbearable. Though some in the aftermath of the war would claim that a sense of patriotism or racial superiority drove people to support the war, it is very clear that the general population of the time were overwhelmingly opposed to the start and continuation of the fighting. It was the propaganda of governments that pushed people into supporting the war, though once the devastation was understood, that positivity morphed into terror. After Austria-Hungary had declared war on Serbia, Russia, an ally of Serbia, declared war on Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary, however, anticipated this beforehand and had asked the

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