The Battle Of The World War II

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World War II, intensified tensions between two of the strongest countries in the 1940s, the United States of America and Japan. On December 7,1941, Japanese planes and submarines attacked the American Naval base at pearl harbor, one of America’s largest bases and the largest base in the Pacific Ocean.The attack caused serious damage to the base, taking out America’s strongest battleships, killing thousands of people, and destroying hundreds of planes. America officially enters World War II. The Battle of Midway was a crucial battle in a long line of other battles fought for dominance in the Pacific Ocean. The Battle of Midway was a turning point in World War II. It was the first decisive American victory and provided a morale boost for American troops after the Pearl Harbor attack. Conflicts between the two countries went as far back as 1931, when Japan invaded Manchuria, then China in 1937, and later French Indochina in 1940. The United States and Japan first avoided each other in war but the United states waged an economic war against Japan. America placed oil embargos and passed the Neutrality Act, which prohibited the sale of weapons to nations at war. Under the economic pressure of the United States, Japan decides to attack America leading to the Battle of Midway. The Battle of Midway was a disastrous defeat for Japan and its navy. Prior to this defeat Japan had won most wars; Sino- Japanese war, Russo- Japanese war and as a result believed they were

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