The Battle Of World War II

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1. Two major causes of World War II included when Hitler and his Nazi party took over Germany politically in 1933, and Japanese militarism. 2. Originally, America tried to stay neutral in the war. However, on December 7th, 1941, Japan’s forces bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, forcing our country to take side. The next day, President Roosevelt declared war on Japan. 3. The term home front refers to the civilian part of a nation at war when its armed forces are abroad in combat. On the American home front, many things changed. The home front put together volunteer efforts and the government put together government-managed rationing and price controls. The labor market was no longer the same, either. The Hollywood film industry became America’s look-to for propaganda. Furthermore, many people joined active labor, including housewives. In addition, gasoline was rationed, so many people just did not drive, because the amount rationed was so little. Among gasoline, many other necessary things in people’s everyday lives were rationed, or the production of them was cut off. People shared housing because housing supply was very limited. (Information received from 4. In my opinion, the campus is very handsome and lofty, with great sprawling green lawns and marble architecture, with neat and tidy buildings. The students seem just as manicured, with crisp white shirts and black jackets. From what I read in

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