The Battle of Okinawa

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BATTLE The Battle of Okinawa was pretty brutal in itself. Soldiers were dying back and forth; it was "the most ghastly corner of hell..." Japanese soldiers' tactics were very hostile and had no mercy. The battle took place at one of Japan's islands, Okinawa. On the ground, it lasted 81 days beginning on April 1, 1945. The 77th Infantry division was the first division of Americans to land on the Kerama Islands(tiny islands on the west of Okinawa island). The Naval battle was a gruesome one, also. Kamikazes sunk many US aircraft carriers and killed many soldiers. "We watched each plunging kamikaze...we groped hopelessly for the thoughts of that other man up there."(Vice Admiral C.R. Brown, U.S. Navy) WEAPONS/TECHNOLOGY The Battle of Okinawa was " of the bloodiest battles of the Second World War..." Various technology and tactics were used during the grueling war, from planes to naval fleets, guns to huge bombs. Various divisions "...were supported by naval artillery and carrier-based aircraft."( A couple planes, for example. Both the SB2C Helldivers and F4U Corsairs fighter planes were used in battle. The SB2C Helldiver is a bombing aircraft. Because it was difficult to handle at low speeds, it was replaced by the SBD Dauntless. The F4U Corsair saw action in the Korean War as a carrier-based fighter aircraft. Some weapons that the Japanese used were some light tanks and semi automatic rifles.(on the ground battle).
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