The Beatles Downfall

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The Beatles are one of the most recognizable names in the music industry. Anyone can easily recognize songs that have been performed by The Beatles. The band’s popularity hasn't always been by its side boosting them to the top. The Beatles lack of popularity is what caused Dick Rowe, Decca Record executive, to make one of the most regrettable decisions of his life. To really look at whether Rowe had made the wrong choice at the time based on what he knew, it is important to look at the time period during which he made his decision and to look at who The Beatles were at that time, more specifically January 1, 1962. When looking at Dick Rowe and why he made the decision he made, it’s useful to look at Decca Records’ history. Decca didn’t …show more content…

The American branch of Decca began selling its products during the time of the Great Depression; because of this it was important for Decca to appeal to cost-conscious consumers thus Decca was selling records for only 35 cents each. During this time Kapp signed the American Decca Records its first recording artist, Bing Crosby. Crosby had become a huge star by the end of the 1930’s while with Decca, and soon after Crosby’s success Kapp signed more artist such as Ted Lewis, The Dorsey Brothers, Ethel Waters, and much more. Thanks to Jack Kapp’s outstanding leadership and entrepreneurial skills, the American branch of Decca Records became thirty million dollar-a-year businesses by 1946. However in 1959 the American branch of Decca Records was bought by the Music Corporation of America (MCA). After the purchase of the American branch of Decca, records with the Decca label were sold only for a few more years. Soon after the purchase the record label became a part of recording history, however the English branch of Decca was a big name and, at the time, was releasing the early hit records of the Rolling Stones and Bill Haley and His …show more content…

The Beatles however did not audition on this day. As The Beatles embarked on their trip to London, leaving their hometown of Liverpool, the driver of the car became lost. This resulted in the music group spending around ten hours to get to London. The Beatles were then auditioned January 1, 1962 on New Year’s Day. A man named Tony Meehan was who The Beatles had auditioned for. Tony Meehan was a producer at Decca Records at the time. Brian Epstein was the Beatles manager at the time. Epstein discovered The Beatles during a lunch at the now famous Cavern

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