Essay about Sam Phillips, the Father of Rock and Roll

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Rock and Roll has come a long way since 1952 when music business icon Sam Phillips created it. Sam Phillips is considered the father of Rock and Roll. He went against the social normality of segregated music, and produced music that he felt should be made. Even when faced with career ending criticism, Phillips continued on making history. Not only is Sam Phillips responsible for the being the origin of the seemingly everlasting Rock and Roll movement, he segregated music amidst all kinds of cultural disruption with civil rights. Sam Phillips is considered a musical revolutionary who, despite adversity, changed the world forever.
Samuel Cornelius Phillips was born in 1923 in Florence, Alabama to a family of tenant farmers (Sam Phillips
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Elvis Presley was signed to Sun Records in 1954. This was monumental for Phillips’s stand on racial boundaries in music. Elvis drew national attention to Sun Records which, in part, sparked slight popularity for other Sun artists such as Howlin’ Wolf, B.B. King, and Roscoe Gordon (Sun Records 1). This point in time is known as the origin of Rock and Roll. Contrary to what Rock and Roll is now, it was only popular within a certain demographic of people for a long time Furthermore, Sun Records and Sam Phillips went under fire by local radio stations and parents everywhere. Phillips’s creation, Rock and Roll, caused an outrage. It was seen as provocative towards young people, which was its most popular demographic. Music from artists such as Elvis, King, and Gordon were banned from radio stations and televisions (Impact of Rock & Roll on USA 5). Criticism from other well-known music moguls didn’t stop Sam. Nevertheless, Phillips kept on putting out influential, black music. Despite the hardening Civil Rights movement in the 1950’s, songs by African American artists slowly became extremely popular. In 1958, the first black artist reached the top of the billboard hot 100. This marked the climax of Phillip’s goal to make popular music from an unpopular race. Sam Phillips’s persistence on creating popular black records and the equality protests go hand in hand. The exposure of the protests and music gave new
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