The Beauty And Mystery Of The Sea

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The Beauty and Mystery of the Sea

Imagine traveling in an alien world, filled with blackness and secrecy, safe inside a metal vessel carrying you through the unknown, a vast space largely unexplored. One would imagine this to be space, but in truth, it is our own terrestrial ocean floor. The ocean is our world’s biggest enigma that is still waiting to be solved. Scientists know a great deal about space, but little about the great blue ocean that covers 72% of the Earth. The exploration and study of the ocean needs to be pursued further than it is currently. It has remained a mystery for far too long, and it is past time that we turn our gaze from the heavens, and towards the depths. Additionally, our world should be making a great effort to protect the ocean and all its residents. The animals inhabiting the sea are currently not given the respect and preservation they deserve. Creatures of the ocean have resided in the blue for eons, and yet humans believe they rule the sea. Two speakers, ocean explorer Robert Ballard and photographer for National Geographic, Brian Skerry, address these important points in their TED talks. While having different specific points in their speeches, overall their passion, wonder, and respect for the deep sea is evident.

Firstly, most parts of the ocean remained unexplored by humans because of the pressures that make navigation almost impossible. However, our first speaker, Robert Ballard, has journeyed to the deepest parts of the ocean in…
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