The Benefits Of A Special Education Teacher

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The working conditions of a special education teacher are the utmost requirements to be aware of. A typical day is far from easy to say the least. Teachers have to have an elevated level of social interaction due to working closely with the students, parents, and even other staff among the school. They are indoors for the most part, but some day require them to work outdoors with the students. Being exact in their work is very significant as errors could slow students development. A good thing about being a special education teacher is they typically work a regular school schedule. Special education teachers are frequently standing for long periods of times. They must be able to understand the speech of another person who may not speak clearly, and they need to speak clearly so others may understand them. Demands that are not as important but are still necessary include, seeing details of an object that is more than a few feet away, and hear different sounds along with recognizing the difference between them (University of Oregon 1971-2017). Special education teachers have many tasks they need to complete during their day. Teaching students using numerous methods depending on the student's disability is a very important because they may have twelve students in a day who all have different needs when it comes to an education. Since each student is different, the teacher needs to develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for each student. They design the courses of
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