The Benefits Of Early Childhood Education

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An early childhood education student planing on becoming a teacher needs to know certain things about children before stepping into a classroom. They must look at their own personality and how they handle stress. An upcoming teacher must have a mindful awareness, focused attention, and self authority. Mindful awareness skills in stress can be mixed in with your relationships with your peers and social skills. If a teacher is not well balance when it comes to stressful situations they wouldn’t be prepared to deal with stress in the classroom and can affect the students you are teaching. Becoming a teacher you are exploring and teaching young minds by developing their own skills. They need to be prepared for the stress and impact it can have…show more content…
If a student struggles socializing with their classmates at an early age they begin to close themselves off and might lead to getting bullied. Bullying can effect a students academic education and self confidence. Early childhood education find it difficult to control the bullying in the classroom. It is a principle becoming teachers need to be aware of and know how to distinguish the difference between bullies and victims and know how to handle the situation. Help the student victimize with bullying because it may have a major effect on their future. The teacher having the advantage of knowing what going on in the classroom can help a young student overcome their struggles. Early childhood education lets us explore the importance of education is to a young child who is still developing their own personality. Teachers need to be aware of their students spiritual and humorous personality. Before becoming a teacher a person must connect theses points together. Teachers are encouraged to participate in storytelling mixed with imagination, humor, rules, and joy. For early childhood education, children ages five to six years old, are the perfect age to explore their spiritual behavior because they are eager to learn. A kindergarten teacher did a study on what spiritual experiences and expressions look like for a kindergarten student. She observed four children, two boys and two
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