The Benefits Of Higher Education

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When it comes to the topic of the benefits of higher education, most of us will readily agree that the most measured benefit of higher education is of course graduate salaries, from some reports, it shows that higher education do result in higher earning power. What’s more, the earnings premium associated with higher education grows over lifetime. However, the benefits of having a higher education are manifold and range from financial to cultural and even our personal life. In “Should Everyone Go to College”, Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill’s mentioned that we take a rather narrow view of the value of a college degree, focusing on the earning premium. There are many non-monetary benefits of schooling which are harder to measure but …show more content…

Remember there is always a plan for everyone and our options are limitless.
Networking and social skills, are also two of the important non-monetary benefits that higher education can bring to us. I’m strongly feel those two benefits are closely connected to each other. College has a lot to do with networking, in college, we have study groups, internship, all different kinds of programs and clubs, throughout these activities we are always forced to interact with people that might have different personality with us. College does push students from different backgrounds into uncomfortable and unavoidable social situation come together, it helps us get out of our comfort zone and try to start the awkward but friendly conversation with our classmates or professors. We might be surprised at what we could learn from others. Also we never know where a new friendship will eventually take us. When I was in college, my instructors always told us to keep a nice relationship with your classmates and teachers because you never know if your classmates would work at the office that you will have an interview in the future. If they can say something good for you, then your chances of getting that job will be increased a lot.
The diversity on campus, most of people will say that the diversity on campus mostly benefits students with color, however, I feel it benefits everyone. Learning with people from a variety of backgrounds encourages people

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