The Benefits Of Minimum Wage

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Why doesn't the government raise minimum wage ? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in our modern day society. The price of everyday items such as food and clothes the price of rent, mortgage, gas, water, trash, electricity, etc has risen so much that even with the current boost our minimum wage had it is still not enough for some people to make a fair amount for proper living. The minimum wage we currently have does not do much to help those in poverty or close to it. In fact the “gap between the rich and everyone else is growing currently.” According to the website U.S.News “The widening income gap also has fueled a class-based social disconnect that has produced inequitable educational results. "Now, your family income matters more than your own abilities in terms of whether you complete college," said Robert Putnam, the Peter and Isabel Malkin Professor of Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School. "Smart poor kids are less likely to graduate from college now than dumb rich kids. That's not because of the schools, that's because of all the advantages that are available to rich kids." This is the sad truth about our current economy the need for money is so great that is no longer matters how great of a student you are with money you can be the worst student ever and still graduate from college.

Now do not let my first paragraph mislead you in this essay I will not be arguing that we should raise minimum wage. I will be arguing the latter actually. Some may

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