The Benefits Of Natural Births Over Hospital Births

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Anna Pujol Professor Regis ENG123-I 02 February 2015 The Benefit of “Natural” Births Over Hospital Births Over thirty one percent of women in the United States have given birth via cesarean section (Lothian, 198). With cesarean rates this high it is necessary for one to ask, are these interventions truly medically necessary and are they beneficial for the mother and child? Cesarean sections can lead to a longer recovery time span for the mother. This can result in many troublesome issues for the mother and the newborn, like delayed bonding and other physical challenges and demands that new mother’s experiences, which can take a huge toll her mind and body. Natural births attended by midwifes attended are the preferred method of …show more content…

This includes blood test, urine tests, STI screenings, and other tests that can help predict the safely and outcome of the pregnancy. Some commonly tested for health issues can be high blood pressure in the mother and diabetes. High blood pressure in the mother, also known a preeclampsia, can be very dangerous and even lethal, if not carefully monitored (Arenson and Drake, 76). A mother’s hormones level should also be checked, and the growth range of the fetus should be within the normal range and the heart rate of the mother and fetus should be monitored. If the women experiences any of the following: pain in the abdomen, uterine bleeding, vaginal discharge, if she can longer feel her baby moving, she should consult her Obstetrician or midwife as soon as possible to monitor and prevent any further complications. Test such as, ultrasounds are completed to watch the health and the growth of the baby. Genetic defects can be tested for through the use of amniocentesis, or chorionic villus testing (Arenson and Drake, 82-83). If all of the tests come out clear and the Obstetrician or midwife classifies her as a low risk pregnancy, then it is safe to continue with a natural midwife attended birth. The first reason that natural, midwife attended births is more beneficial is the use of natural, holistic

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