The Benefits Of Organic Food And Organic Foods

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As consumers, we see the label “organic” in most supermarkets that we shop at every day, but do we know what makes certain food items obtain the label organic? There is much controversy on the topic organic foods and for good reason. There are many factors to take into account when decided if organic food is superior to conventionally grown foods. There are key components that all amount to how nutritious your food is. It all comes down to the quality of the land that the food is grown on, the farming technique, the elimination of toxic chemicals, and the increase in certain beneficial vitamins. The only downside to being pro-organic food is the slightly increased price tag. Despite the increased cost, organic foods are a healthier choice compared to conventional chemical ridden foods.
In the United States, organic food has become so popular people don't have to grow their own food or even find a farmers market to be able to obtain organic food. You can typically find it in supermarkets everywhere. Organic farming has been around for quite some time; it first became popular during the 1940s. Throughout the decades, people gained more knowledge on the benefits of farming and eating organic. George Kuepper, a sustainable agriculture specialist, notes, . . . “while one can’t say that the 60’s counterculture invented organic farming, it is fair to say that it created the organic industry” (9). During this time period, there was more information available about the dangers of

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