The Benefits Of The Cloud

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The Benefits of the Cloud. Basically this section talks about how while large companies could do everything on premises as the cloud, it is much easier it would be to use the cloud system, because instead of paying your employees to worry about learning how to use hardware, software, and applications, you can outsource it to a company that entire job is just that, taking care of other companies software and maintaining it. Making individuals more productive. This area uses Balfour Beatty, a global contractor, as an example. This company uses Box, basically a cloud provider. Before Box, the IT of their company would have to create each employee their own account and their own folders. If an employee wanted to add a collaborator, they had to wait for IT to do it. Box however sped the process up, it allowed employees to administer their own account, which saved a lot of time. Facilitating Collaboration. Some of the greatest successes of the cloud come from allowing groups or communities to work together, which before was not possible. Consulting firm CSC used jive to help keep their 90,000 people in the loop. They made jive available to all employees, which would have been extremely expensive, had CSC had to buy all the new hardware, software, and licensing. But the cloud based collaboration software maker, Jive, made it very easy and inexpensive to do. The end of this section talks about how many people registered for C3, another cloud based research, and soon, it became
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