The Benefits Of The Internet And Economy

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On the other hand, many conservatives believe that returning the internet to the old, less regulated state would bring back the investment from the days of article 706, while maintaining the internet order that title II brings. Ajit Pai thinks that the harsher guidelines prevent small businesses from investing in new areas due to their inability to meet all of the legal requirements at one time without insane amounts of money. Companies would be able to test the waters by investing slightly in an area to see if it is profitable before pulling out an enormous loan. This would shift aggregate demand to the right due to the increase in investment spending. However, if the companies were able to operate freely, they would also be able to …show more content…

This has shown up in companies who compete with each other today. For example, Amazon’s new in home voice assistant, the echo show, does not support any youtube videos. Instead, they only allow users to use their amazon prime video service. Amazon is trying to increase their revenue by not allowing users to access google services. This is allowed due to the fact that it is a product, but if title II did not exist, as it didn’t in early 2014, things would be very different. Before the Obama administration enacted the title II guidelines many internet service providers danced along the edge of what would trigger government intervention. In January of 2014 some Netflix customers reported that they were experiencing much slower speeds (figure 2). They were all of the sudden having buffering issues and they could not enjoy their movies and television shows. As Netflix looked into this they noticed that many of these customers were served by Comcast. When Netflix questioned Comcast about the slow speeds, they reported that the data centers Netflix was running out of did not have a strong enough connection to Comcast to adequately handle all of the traffic. Comcast offered to host many of Netflix’s servers in their centers to allow for faster speeds because

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