The Benefits of Kalabagh Damn

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Former chairman WAPDA (belonging Nowshera) Shams-ul-Mulk said that Nowshera is having no threat to the dam as the city is 150 feet high from the dam. Kalabagh Dam will benefit not only Punjab but the whole country. President of Lahore chamber Irfan Qaiser Sheikh said in his speech that the delay in the construction of Kalabagh dam would shatter the future of upcoming generations. Irfan Qaiser Sheikh further said that the existing dams are filled with dirt and mud due to which the water storage capacity is declining. He further said, only 1.02 per unit of electricity by Kalabagh dam will be available at the price. The Punjab Assembly didn't pass a single resolution in favor of or against the Kalabagh Dam, and the rest three provinces are against it. Senior Vice President of Lahore Chamber Kashif Younis Meher exclaimed that the country is facing huge loss in terms of power consuming. We must start a campaign to stimulate this project. 30 NOVEMBER 2012 (“KAL TUK”) In the conversation between the anchor Javed Chaudhary and Samsam Bukhari (member of PPP), Samsam Bukhari said that Kalabagh Dam should be created with the contiguity among all the provinces. People of Sindh and KPK should be acknowledged with the advantages of this dam. Member of the N League Iqbal Zafar Jhagra said that our party was in the support of this dam from the start. We even put some efforts to convince all the provinces. Kalabagh dam is very essential for the green future of Pakistan and power sources

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