The Benefits of a Liberal Arts Education

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The strength of a liberal arts education is the strong, varied foundation it provides over a wide spectrum of subjects. A liberal arts education is aimed at teaching you how to think. It helps you to develop strength of mind, and an ordered intellect. This broad-based education allows students to create new theories, discoveries, and connections between fields. With such expansive roots, great innovators can build and expand from what others have learned, instead of wasting effort on rediscovery of what is already known. With the knowledge of a subject's strengths and capabilities, and weaknesses and restrictions, students can combine traits of different subjects to formulate new and more complicated concepts. New colors can only come from mixing those which already exist. The pigment of a new color depends on the shades and hues of the colors used to create it. Such is true for education. The resulting ideas are a sterling product of the compatibility of the subjects blended to create it. What vocational schools have in central focus, they lose in direct focus. Enormous concentration in one area pigeon-holes, severely limiting the range of career opportunities. A liberal arts education on the other hand, teaches one how to think, and how to apply this to a variety of subjects. Both aspects have their strengths and their downfalls. However, one can hardly say the liberal arts is useless and should be tossed aside in the modern day. A better understanding of education comes

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