The Benefits of the Proposed California High Speed Rail

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This is an important issue to look into because currently our transportation system could be a lot more efficient using high speed rail instead of just the current car and air system that we have right now. Because of this there are a lot of potential benefits from the economic side of putting a high speed rail system in California from saving time, money, and fast efficient mobility throughout the state. These benefits also include a stimulus towards the state’s economy in forms of employment and income growth due towards construction and implementation even if these aren't permanent jobs. Some environmental benefits of a high speed transportation is a decrease in pollution, using less nonrenewable resources such as oil, and decreasing the amount of other modes of transportation that currently need to be used. It is controversial though because of the cost of implementing such high speed transportation, versus the current transportation system that we already have. These increasing costs of implementing the have current plan for high speed rail have caused great concern because of costs such high possible costs needed to implement compared to its benefits. My problem that I have come up with is it cost effective and beneficial for the state of…
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