The Bermuda Triangle And Its Theories

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When I first heard that the next essay I would be writing was an I-Search essay, I hopped on the internet for a quick search of I-Search topics. After scrolling through various websites, I found a list that offered some thought-provoking topics; it was here that I found my topic of the Bermuda Triangle. At first, I argued with myself over this topic, because it did not seem worth writing about; but after remembering one of my favorite childhood movies, I knew that this was the perfect topic. So like every other sane teenager who has to write an essay, I watched the Scooby-Doo movie that made me chose this topic. About half way into the movie I came up with my topic question. What is the Bermuda Triangle and its theories? What I Know …show more content…

Some questions that I have about the Bermuda Triangle that I would like to answer are: What is the history of the triangle? How did the Bermuda Triangle come to be the Bermuda Triangle? What are some of the scientific theories? What are some of the popular supernatural theories? What I Discovered Way back in 1492, when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue and came to the New World, he stumbled upon the area surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. As the legend goes, Columbus recorded seeing a ball of fire hitting the ocean and then recorded seeing strange lights coming from where the ball of fire or meteor hit, as well as strange compass readings and thus the legend began (History Channel, 2010). The Triangle went without much attention until the 20th century, when the USS Cyclops went missing in March of 1918; the ship, its cargo, nor its 3,000 men were ever to be found. The great ship made the headlines and in an interview, President Woodrow Wilson said, “Only God and the sea will know what happened to that great ship” (1918). Following suit of the USS Cyclops other ships began disappearing within the Triangle, but it was not until 1945 when planes began to disappear as well, starting when six Navy planes went missing on a chilly December day. As found on Raj Bhattacharya’s website, the last of the 70 disappearances from the Triangle was in 2015 when the SS El Faro bound for Puerto Rico never made it into port. Later the ship was found 15,000 feet below

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